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June 04, 2007: Annual Meeting Minutes


  June 4, 2007




                                                            Annual Meeting

            The annual meeting, regular meeting and public hearing on the proposed animal hoarding law was held on June 4, 2007 at the Village Office on State St.  Present were Mayor Williams, Trustees Dashnaw, Davis Hunter and Kellerhals, Supt. Seymour, Clerk Williams and Thomas Hawthorne.


            The Annual Meeting was opened at 7:10 PM. The Mayor made the following appointments and recommendations:

            Dep. Mayor - LeRoy Davis

Clerk-Treas. - Nancy Williams

            Street/Water Supt. - James Seymour

            Clerk P/T - Susan Newcomb

            Budget Officers - Treasurer and Mayor

            Attorney - Mark Gebo

            Historian - Gladys VanWyck

            Enforcement Officer - James Seymour

            Park Commission - LeRoy Davis (Chairman), Charles Fowler, Matt

                                                        LaParr, Eric Schmidt, Jay Seymour

            ZAB - Reappointment for following personnel: Chad LaPlatney-3 yrs.(06/10)

                        (FYI - J. Jenack-2 yrs. (06/09); B. Wohnsiedler-1 yr.(06/08).)

            Official Depositories - Community Bank and CLASS

            Review of Procurement and Investment Policies

            Audit Committee - Trustee Kellerhals and Trustee Hunter

            Fire and Rescue Squad Committee - Mayor and Deputy Mayor

            Meetings will follow Roberts Rules of Order

            Grant advance approval of claims such as utilities, payroll, freight and express

       charges, and allowing Mayor and Board members to attend training sessions.


A motion to accept the Mayor's appointments and recommendations was made by Kellerhals, seconded by Dashnaw.

            Kellerhals-aye                          Davis-aye                               Williams-aye

            Dashnaw-aye                           Hunter-aye                               Carried

A motion to close the Annual Meeting at 7:17 PM was made by Hunter, seconded by Davis.

            Hunter-aye                               Dashnaw-aye                           Williams-aye

            Davis-aye                                 Kellerhals-aye                         Carried